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Top Health and Fitness Sites for 2013

I seriously can’t get enough of reading blogs! Mike and I are addicts when it comes to scouring the internet – searching for new fitness advice, recipes, and all important inspiration!

I’ve put together a list of sites that provide so many people – including myself – with huge amounts of support and help. Hopefully you will find some new and useful sites on this list!

In the spirit of fun and competitiveness I want YOU to help choose the Top Fitness Blog for 2013!

It’s easy to vote, just scroll down to your favorite site (they’re in alphabetical order) and click on the relevant picture. This will take you to the voting page where you can cast your all important ballot! Or you can just click here to get to the voting page.

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Good luck!


The Nominees…

A Life Changing Journey

Powerful and moving blog charting one woman’s positive transformation. If you are feeling lost or alone, the advice and support here is world class.

All The Weigh

Honest and forthcoming account of Kenlie’s weight loss journey, and the obstacles she has encountered on the way to achieving a healthier lifestyle.

A Merry Life

Follow Mary on her journey to a healthier lifestyle, and her adrenaline fueled adventures!

Baby Weight My Fat Ass

Michel shares her inspiring journey from weight loss to runner, with honest opinions and helpful advice.

Banana Buzz Bomb

Heidi competes in triathlons and half-marathons, and provides exceptional advice on how to achieve a better lifestyle through veganism. Her posts on how to eat vegan whilst travelling are particularly useful, and inspirational.

Beth’s Journey

Wonderful story about Beth’s journey toward her goal weight, which includes recipes, running tips and a whole ton of races!

Big Girl Bombshell

Bombshells of the world unite! Fashion, food, and dealing with the trials of adopting a healthier lifestyle are all dealt with by this remarkable woman.

Blogging Runner

Inspirational quotes and graphics mix with honest account of Emily’s journey toward a healthier lifestyle, and how she has endured challenges.

Breakfast To Bed

Incredibly well resourced page with information on Cat’s journey from weight loss surgery to healthy living.

Break Heart Trail Running

Great advice and pictures from a highly experienced trail runner. Grab some inspiration to walk or run the great outdoors here!

Calorie Lab

An irreverent but informative take on current healthcare news, along with firm but funny advice on exercise.

Can You Stay For Dinner

Baking and chocolate mad Andie, who lost 135 pounds [and maintained it!], provides incredibly decadent and healthy recipes with super cool pictures!

Carbie Girl

Follow the awesomely named Carbie Girl on her way to her goal weight, with great tips and advice for her audience.

Carb Tripper

A stickler for the low carb diet, follow Anne’s journey complete with foodie pictures and Atkins inspired advice.

Carrots N Cake

Tina shows that it is possible to eat in moderation and still stay in great shape!

Christy Runs

Super focused Christy provides motivation, and a great wealth of running and racing knowledge, that will supercharge your soul!

Cranky Fitness

Although regular posting died down in 2010, the blog has since been restarted. A health and fitness resource to thousands, its writers also blog about life in general, in an inimitable, quirky manner.

Diary Of An Aspiring Loser

Michelle blogs about maintaining her weight loss target through a healthy lifestyle, triathlons, and long distance running.

Diet Girl

Personal account of one lady’s goal to stop delaying the life she wanted to live, and start reaching for her goals.

Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat

Emmy winning television journalist provides a light hearted and fun environment to help people achieve their weight loss and lifestyle goals.

Doing A 180

When you want to change your life, you sometimes have to do a 180. Helen’s goal was to get below 180 pounds… she is now a black belt in Muay Thai!

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Eating Bird Food

Get inspired by Brittany’s enthusiasm for fitness, yummy food, and living a healthier lifestyle.

Edna Eats Everything

This sarcastic lady treats her readers to quizzes, great food and cutting humor in this no nonsense blog.

Edible Perspective

Unique and stylish blog packed full of delicious recipes, with incredible photographs used to showcase them.

Emily Bites

Emily started out as a novice in the cooking department, but soon developed a passion for cooking simple and nutritious food, which she now shares with the world through detailed recipes and photographs.

Escape From Obesity

Fascinating story about one person’s goal to escape from obesity. Lyn documents the trials and difficulties in losing weight for good.

Evil Cyber

Fanstastic resource that will enable you to stay fit and work out in the comfort of your own home, with some awesome tips on working out on a budget!

Fannetastic Food

Anne, a dietitian, brings her work alive online, whilst also providing recipes, adventure stories, and long distance running experience.

Feed Me I’m Cranky

Annabel documents her journey from being fitness and weight obsessed, to taking a more balanced view on health, and equality for all.

Finding Radiance

Incredible story of one woman’s journey to lose over 100lbs! Lori’s lovingly crafted recipes are also a source for inspiration!

Fitness by Eva

A personal trainer with a busy family life. Follow Eva for great training and diet tips and an insight in to her hectic schedule!


Gina draws on her many years as a personal trainer to provide tasty, healthy recipes, and workouts that are guaranteed to challenge any level!

Fit To The Finish

This no nonsense blog is full of great solutions to familiar problems, drawing from 12 years of experience in losing an almighty 150 lbs. Inspirational.

5 Miles Past Empty

Shares her running insights for the benefit of all, as well as discussing the highs and lows of training for a marathon.

Freaking Fitness

Self confessed fitness nut, with over 25 years diet and fitness experience, is a great person to follow should you need some training advice!

Got To Run For Me

This is one busy lady! Lawyer, runner, mother – follow her experiences and thoughts on a healthy lifestyle.

Happy Texans

Adventurer and mother’s campaign to lose weight takes her and her family around Texas, as well as offering great food and exercise tips.

Healthful Pursuit

Leanne provides a selection of specialist recipes, including dairy free, gluten free and yeast free, to provide instense culinary variety to your life!

Health Breaks Loose

Published author Leslie Goldman dedicates her life to improving the health of women everywhere. Everyone could learn a thing or two from this contributor to Glamour, Women’s Health and Runner’s World.

Healthy Food For Living

A dedicated foodie, whose mission is to constantly expand her vast repertoire of healthy. yet delicious. food, and give it to the world! What could be better?

Healthy Tipping Point

Running enthusiast Caitlin discusses exercise, diet tips and what it means to live a healthy life.

How Sweet Eats

Fun and easy to cook recipes, beautifully presented. Head along here for some tasty inspiration!

110 Pounds

Incredible story of one woman’s journey to losing 110 pounds, with many struggles along the road to a healthy lifestyle.

Iowa Girl Eats

If you love travel, food, and running, then Kristin is should be top of your blog roll! Her excellent recipes are the stuff of legend, and incredibly tasty!

It Sux To Be Fat

An inspiring journey to healthy, with exercise tips, recipes and race experience that’s sure to help boost your motivation.

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Jack Getting Fit

Songs, poems and videos are among Jack’s repertoire in this playfully funny blog. Follow his adventures on his weight loss journey.

Jogging Jeans

A site dedicated to jogging [and training] in jeans! It shows that anyone can exercise in any clothes, so get inspired!

Kath Eats

Registered dietitian Kath shares her extensive and constantly evolving food knowledge with her followers, who benefit from her tasty recipes!

KCL Anderson

Karen specializes in the psychology of eating, and has helped numerous people with their relationships with food.

Keeping The Pounds Off

With so many people putting weight back on after losing it, it’s refreshing to have a blog that is dedicated to the hard part: keeping it off! It’s not an easy thing to do, but this lady has some great advice gained from experience.

Kelly Olexa

Social media queen Kelly serves up motivation and fitness advice par excellence!

Loretta’s Journey

Wonderfully inspiring blog chronicling a monumental weight loss story. Full of motivational help and tips.

Losing Weight In The City

Marathon runner Theodora talks about running, food, and her neverending adventures in New York City!

Mama Laughlin

Comprehensive advice on diet, exercise and fashion taken from her extensive experience in pursuit of a healthier life.

Man Bicep

The ultimate tonic for those who believe that lifting will make women “huge”. Great no nonsense workout tips and healthy, tasty recipes!

Mark’s Daily Apple

Clean living advocate Mark endeavor’s to make people take responsibility for their bodies, and adhere to a simple but effective set of principles.

Meals and Moves

This snowboarding adventurer blogs about her diverse workouts, fantastic recipes, and all her wonderful endeavors.

Midwest Multi Sport

Blog of an adventurer, who provides excellent training advice and personal tips, from trail running to ultra running and beyond!

Miss Zippy

Dedicated runner, who competes in pretty much every distance available. Shares fantastic running tips and advice about form and footwear.

Mrs Fat Ass

Uncompromising blog that is full to the brim with Zumba! Sue details the perils of weight loss and of course champions the South American dance craze!

Munchin With Munchkin

Have a family to feed? Head on over here to get some tasty – yet healthy – food that will suit the whole family!

My Bizzy Kitchen

This sure is one busy – and tasty – kitchen! Full of lovely recipes, and a great resource for diabetics wishing to keep their blood sugar normal.

My First 5k

One woman’s journey from 5k races to half marathons, with great tips drawn from her experiences.

My Journey To Fit

Mom of two college kids, who has lost over 100 lbs with the help of her husband. She provides inspiration and musings taken from her experiences.

No Thanks To Cake

Fantastic advice and support through blogging that provides food and weight loss tips. Particularly helpful are the posts dealing with travel.

Oh She Glows

A vegan inspired blog which educates its audience about the benefits of the lifestyle, and which has also spawned the Green Monster – a fantastic resource for healthy smoothies!

Peanut Butter Fingers

Fun and informative peanut buttery blog that offers tasty, yet healthy, recipes and a ton of great workout ideas.

Peanut Butter And Peppers

Jennifer shares her experiences of losing and maintaining weight, as well as recipes that are sure to contain either peanut butter or peppers!

Peas And Thank You

Steering very much away from the “traditional american diet”, Sarah focuses on implementing sensible, healthy alternatives to family diets everywhere.

Prior Fat Girl

A powerful blog filled with great advice from Jen’s experiences. After losing weight, and reaching her goal, the blog focuses now on maintaining, not losing.

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An inspirational guy with constantly evolving goals, charting the progression from marathons to ironman and ultras.

Ronis Weigh

Health and fitness aficionado provides incredible support in the areas of diet, exercise and lifestyle, through her seven years of blogging.


Race loving Mom on the run shares her experiences of training and races with her readers.

Run Eat Repeat

Follow Monica on her journey to achieve a “happy weight”, using intuitive eating and an absolute ton of running!

Run Faster Mommy

Exercise addicted super mom, who loves running, will convince you that exercise can cure all!

Running With Attitude

Wonderful insight into this blogger’s goals and training. Provides great race tips for any aspiring runner.

Runs For Cookies

This cookie mad lady not only lost 125 lbs, but now also runs marathons. Join her for running and weight loss tips, as well as recipes… including cookies!

Sassy Pear

Open and upfront insight into this busy lady’s life, which includes running, diet and weight loss in general.

Shut Up And Run

No nonsense blog about getting the most out of life, and in particular, with running. Expect motivation!

Skinny Emmie

Emily charts her weight loss journal, and creates this exceptional resource that provides support on exercise and food choices.

Skinny Hollie

Motivational quotes and dieting tips are offered throughout the documenting of Hollie’s weight loss journey.

Skinny Kitchen

Amazing resource, full of tasty recipes that are also very healthy. An absolute must for inspiration!

Skinny Runner

Running mad blogger, who has competed in a whopping 38 marathons. Head on over here for some great running tips and the occasional celeb spot!

Skinny Taste

Have a family to feed? Head on over here to get some tasty – yet healthy – food that will suit the whole family!

Sprint 2 The Table

Laura’s recipage is an incredible resource. You can search by cooking method, course, dietary needs, and key ingredients. perfect for inspiration!

Sweet Tooth Sweet Life

Personal trainer Courtney provides an insight into leading a truly balanced and healthy life, and draws from her experience as a personal trainer to provide first class tips.

Tales Of The Runner

Ultra runner Mike takes us through his training and races, all the while supplying us with beautiful pictures.

The Great Fitness Experiment

A published author that takes an unusual degree of satisfaction from being her own laboratory mouse! She will try anything out, and will report the findings to her faithful audience.

The Kim Challenge

New York girl who blogs faithfully about food, and documents her workout for others to follow.

The Lean Green Bean

Follow Lindsay on her way to become a registered dietitian, with yummy recipes, fitness workout and cool pictures of her food.

The World According To Eggface

An incredible story of one woman’s struggle to achieve health, and all the battles she had to endure. The advice here is simply inspirational, and you will love her Quinola Bites – yummy!

Tippy Toe Diet

A lady after my own heart. As a fellow advocate of using small, gradual steps to achieve weight loss and fitness, I find myself nodding my head and agreeing whilst reading her posts.

Tricia Minnick

Tricia writes openly about the pitfalls of the addictive side of food, and offers help and hope to others.

Truth 2 Being Fit

Prolific and dedicated blogger, Jody is also a keen tweeter, ready to impart her wealth of exercise and weight lifting knowledge on her followers.

Ultra Princess

Awesome photos and fun articles document a ton of colorful and interesting running adventures.

Wellness Mama

Katie uses all her nutrition and family experience to offer great advice on leading a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy foods.

Who Ate My Blog

Incredibly inspiring blog which charts Stephen’s monumental progress, so far having lost over 300 lbs! He offers up his journey openly, and provides support to others who wish to change.

Words To Run By

Fantastic story, that provides information as well as inspiration from a marathon runner.

Your Lighter Side

This blog shows that you don’t need to sacrifice your favorite foods to stay healthy. Chips, pizza and cheesecake are all on the menu, and you’ll be shown how to make those healthy recipes a reality.

Yum Yucky

An honest and candid account of the struggle to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Josie’s hilarious posts make a mockery of the diet industry’s all-or-nothing approach, showing that achieving a balance is possible.

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Best wishes for 2013

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