The Weird Way to Trick Yourself into Buying Healthy Food

If only there was an easy way to remove the temptation while grocery shopping.

If Only!

Of course we all know, we should eat more fruit and vegetables.  But it’s so difficult to pass on the delicious snacks and sweets when you’re in the store.


Now, if you’ve been following Leap Fitness for any length of time, you’ll know we suggest two Grocery Store Hacks:

1. Never, ever go shopping on an empty stomach!

2. Shop around the outside of the grocery store (the inner aisles are where all the junk food is!)

And now, a recent study has revealed a new way to trick your body into buying more healthy foods:

Eat an Apple Before You Shop

In the study, 120 shoppers were divided into groups and given a small snack before they went shopping.

  • one group got an apple slice
  • the second group got a piece of cookie
  • the third ate no snack at all

After the shoppers finished groceries the researchers analyzed their purchases.

The ‘apple group’  bought 28% more fruits and vegetables than the ‘cookie group’.

And 25% more than the group that didn’t eat a snack.

It’s a Mind Trick

A 25% increase in healthy foods is a fantastic boost to your health and fitness efforts.   And for virtually ZERO effort.

Now here’s the interesting part.

It wasn’t that the apple slice was a big enough portion to make those shoppers less hungry.

It didn’t ‘fill them up’.

No, just eating a snack that looked and felt healthy, was enough to trick their brains into making healthier purchase.

It’s a quick and easy Mind Trick.

One that you can try next time you go grocery shopping.

Before you walk into the store, eat something light and healthy – and be amazed at how easy it is to walk past the candy display without stopping to load up.

This is a ground-breaking discovery that can help thousands of folks easily make smarter shopping choices.  

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