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Flabby arms, or bingo wings, are the bane of many people, especially women. There are three main reasons that this problem occurs, and many solutions. So if you’re tired of covering up your arms every day, then read on for some practical advice.

What’s The Problem?

Flabby arms happen for a few reasons. One of these is to do with the elasticity of the skin. The thinner your skin is, and the less elastic, the less able it is to hold in the muscle and tissue inside your arm. Unfortunately, this is genetic, and there’s not much you can do about it, other than to minimize the amount of fat in your arms so that your skin has to do less work. The other two main causes are both pretty fixable though.

Firstly, we have muscle wastage. Basically, the more toned the muscles in your upper arms are, the better your arms are going to look, which sounds like common sense. And secondly, there is the opposite problem, which is body fat. The more fat there is in your arms, the more likely they are to be flabby. Fortunately, there is a whole host of great exercises that will tone the upper arms, making them sleek and muscled, so that you can wave goodbye to your flab!

The Best Solutions

Ideally, you should do a combination of these exercises to combat your problem, choosing some weight exercises, some without, and some cardio to top it off.

No Weights

Get into a boxer’s stance (feet apart, one foot forward, bent slightly at the knees, with arms bent at elbow and fists near the chin). Using each fist alternately, punch the air in front of you keeping your arms level with your shoulders. Repeat 20 times, and then look up, punching the air above your head 20 times. Go for three sets of this.

get rid of flabby arms

Push ups are also great. Lie on the floor, with your hands next to your shoulders and your toes pushing into the ground. Inhale as you push up and straighten your body, exhale as your relax back to the floor. Ten reps is a good starting point, work up to more.

Finally, chin ups are another good no weight exercise. Your hands should be shoulder width apart on the pull up bar with the back of your hands facing you. Pull yourself up until your chin is over the bar, and then slowly lower yourself. Again, ten reps is a good starting point.

With Weights

Kick backs are extremely effective. Holding a weight in your left hand, put your right knee and hand on a bench, making sure that you can keep your back straight. Your upper arm should be parallel with your back, elbow bent. Pull your arm back until your whole arm is parallel with your back, then relax and return to starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Bicep curls are easy. Standing with your arms relaxed and holding weights straight down, bend your elbow, bringing the weights up to shoulder height, but keeping your upper arm still. Relax and bring the weights down again. 20 reps is a good starting point.

Finally, french presses are another good one. Lying on your back, hold weights straight up in the air above your chest, with your palms facing each other. Keeping the weights touching each other, lower them by bending your elbows until the weights are touching your chest, then push them back up again. Repeat 20 times to start.

Remember to vary your exercise routine, and to balance an increase of repetitions with an increase in weight for the exercises that use dumb-bells. Add a little cardio as well, and you’ll have your toned arms in no time at all!


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