5 Weird Reasons Why Women Can't Lose Weight

The real reason you can’t lose body fat may shock you.

Are you struggling to lose extra body fat?  Doing everything “right” but just can’t seem to lose weight?  If so, you may be making these 5 damaging weight loss mistakes.

Most of us understand that having extra body fat is bad news.  Even so, it’s worth reminding ourselves.   Excess abdominal fat is linked to heart disease, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.   In other words, it’ll make you sick and even kill you.

But all is not lost.  Avoid these 5 Mistakes – especially Mistake 1 – and you’ll be slipping into skinny jeans before you know it.

Mistake 5 – Your Metabolism is Too Slow

You need to burn calories to lose weight.  And how many calories you burn depends on how fast your metabolism is.   The lower your rate, the fewer calories your body uses.  And the difference can be huge.   As much as 22 pounds of weight, according to Victoria Catenacci, MD, a researcher with the University of Colorado at Denver.

Your metabolic rate is not set in stone.  Just making a few changes to your daily routine can result in a dramatic increase in your rate.  And it will turn your body into a fat burning machine – even when you’re resting.

Mistake 4 – You’re Focusing on Things that Don’t Matter

There’s so much confusing advice out there. And one of the biggest challenges is knowing what to focus on.  A huge mistake is to spend valuable time and effort on things that have little impact on your weight.

Things like trying to drop entire food groups from your diet.  Or testing supplement after supplement looking for that “magic pill”.  Or aiming for “spot reduction” – fat loss on one spot of your body.  They’re all a waste of time and leave you confused, frustrated and disheartened.  And not one pound lighter.

Listen, you’ve only got so many hours in a day.  And the truth is that only a handful of things have any impact on your weight loss. And that’s great news. Because now you can ignore all the “noise” and instead focus on the few things that will help you lose weight.

Mistake 3 – You Follow Advice Designed for Men

It’s unfair.  Men have the weight loss advantage over women.  Men have more muscle mass than women, and women have a higher percentage of body fat.  And because muscle burns more calories than fat does, men just naturally lose weight.  Even when they’re not exercising!

“If they both run at the same pace for one hour, the woman will burn 500 calories, while the man will burn closer to 700 calories,” says Catenacci.

So it’s a terrible mistake for women to follow advice that’s made for men. I guarantee that male authors wrote the health and wellness tips you’ve tried before.  And that can be fatal for women who are trying to lose body fat.

Put it this way. Imagine filling up your car with Diesel instead of Gas? Trust me it’s not pretty.   (I’ve done it!!)   So why would you do the same to your body?  Focus on understanding what your body needs and find a solution for you – not some big muscley guy.

Mistake 2 – You’re Doing the Wrong Exercise

This mistake ruins weight loss efforts.  It’s in every gym, magazine and movie out there.  The idea that to lose weight you’ve got to do cardio. Whether its jogging, walking or spinning around on an elliptical machine.  Everyone thinks that to get fit you need to suffer through long, slow workouts.

Except it’s plain wrong.  Long slow cardio workouts are boring, time-wasting and just don’t work.

A 2007 Obesity study found that doing 300 hours of cardio per year only helped women lose a measly 5 pounds. Think about it.  That’s about 50 hours of cardio for each pound lost.

It gets worse.  Cardio machines actually lie about how many calories you burn.   That’s according to a study by the University of California’s Human Performance Center.  It revealed Treadmills overestimated calories by 13%, while Elliptical machines by a whopping 42%!   What a complete waste of time!

Luckily, there’s a much better way to burn calories and lose body fat.  All while avoiding boring cardio machines.

Mistake 1 – You’re Eating Harmful Food 

The rise of bad foods disguised as “health foods”.  It’s the single worst thing to happen to women’s fat loss efforts in the last 20 years. “Diet” food, “Light” alternatives and “Low-fat” options surround us every day.

Unfortunately many of these foods are holding back your weight loss efforts. Often these “natural” and “healthy” options are loaded with sodium, GMOs and sugar.   And these hidden ingredients have been proven to cause excess weight gain.  If you are serious about losing weight, you need to be able to understand exactly what you’re eating.   And if it’s actually healthy to eat.  Once you do, the results can be staggering.   And very fast.

How to Fix these Mistakes Right Now… 

Now the good news!  It’s not too late to fix the damage these common mistakes have caused.  In fact it may be easier than you think.

The first step is to find out what works best for YOU and YOUR body.

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